February 2015
Our Values & Philosophy

The values we stand for are important at General Plasma. Three we aspire to are honesty, fair play and product perfection. 

Honesty means being truthful with ourselves, our co-workers and our customers. The greatest gift we can give each other is honesty. Honesty builds trust and long term relationships. As everyone knows, being honest isn’t always easy and isn’t always received well. On the other hand, dishonesty or spinning the truth, has an even greater cost. We value honesty highly at General Plasma.

Fair play is about being ethical in our business dealings and considerate of our co-workers, vendors and others. Its the Golden Rule put into action.

Product perfection is in the eye of the customer! It is such a fantastic challenge – to build something, to agonize over every aspect yet in the end have no say in its success. There is nothing like it though when a customer says “Wow!” It's what we live for at General Plasma.



John Madocks

2020 was a challenging year for General Plasma due to the COVID economic environment.  In January 2024 John sold the assets of General Plasma Inc to GP Plasma LLC, including its dual source PECVD deposition and linear ion etch technology.  

GP Plasma will continue to support GPI's customers while expanding their technology portfolio to offer best in class technical capabilities for the new vacuum coating equipment and system retrofits. The old GPi factory was also sold to GP Plasma in Tucson Arizona.

The Contact page has an updated email and phone information.  GPI continues to develop and sell Plasma PECVD sources and processes and welcomes your contact and questions. 

In due course the General Plasma Inc website will be integrated with GP Plasma's website at www.gpplasma.com 

For all queries please contact GP Plasma at info@gpplasma.com

Frank Papa


GP plasma LLC