Linear anode layer type ion sources for pre-treatment, metal etching and a range of other applications. General Plasma is the recognized leader in linear ion source technology.

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It is the world's first production-worthy in-line scalable PECVD technology. Offering high deposition rates, unprecedented uniformity and quality along with long term process stability. 

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Rotary magnetron magnet bars and end blocks and

Moving magnet planar magnetrons. Patented and patent pending innovations that solve real process and production problems.

December 8, 2020
Announcement of General Plasma Innovative Technologies LLC

General Plasma has finalized a license agreement with General Plasma Innovative Technologies (GPIT), which will be independently operated by Brett Frostenson.  Brett has had a tremendously successful career in the thin-film industry, and most recently has been the Vice President of Engineering at General Plasma.


Going forward, GPIT is licensed and fully equipped with all General Plasma's historical data and intellectual properties related to our magnetrons, ion sources and custom vacuum systems.  I will remain involved in a limited capacity to support GPIT during the transition period.  Please route future requests for sale and services to Brett at GPIT.  Our email account and website will remain active and will be maintained by GPIT.

Phong Ngo

President | General Plasma, Inc


New Contact Information:

Brett Frostenson | President

General Plasma Innovative Technologies LLC

6741 E Nasumpta Dr | Tucson, AZ 85715 | USA

​Tel: +1 208-410-8107