Ion ​Sources

January 16, 2024
GP Plasma completes contract signing to acquire IP and assets from General Plasma Inc.

GP Plasma has secured the assets of General Plasma Inc including its dual source PECVD deposition and linear ion etch technology.  GP Plasma will continue to support GPI's customers while expanding our technology portfolio to offer best in class technical capabilities for the new vacuum coating equipment and system retrofits.


Sputtering ​Solutions

Rotary magnetron magnet bars and end blocks and

Moving magnet planar magnetrons. Patented and patent pending innovations that solve real process and production problems.


UltraDep   In-line PECVD

Linear anode layer type ion sources for pre-treatment, metal etching and a range of other applications. General Plasma is the recognized leader in linear ion source technology.

Advanced Vacuum Thin Film Coating Solutions


It is the world's first production-worthy in-line scalable PECVD technology. Offering high deposition rates, unprecedented uniformity and quality along with long term process stability.