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March 10, 2017
Announcement of Ngomad, Inc. (

General Plasma has formed a new company, Ngomad (a play on the founder’ names, pronounced Nomad, with the “g” silent), to sell consumer products made by General Plasma’s proprietary coating technology.  The first product will be an aftermarket Mobile Display Enhancer    for mobile phones. It’s the world’s first PET overlay with a Precision Optics Grade Anti-Reflection (AR) Coating.  By laminating a Ngomad Enhancer on a mobile display, the screen reflection is reduced to <0.7% compared to 4.5% for standard cover glass.  This will more than quadruple the effective contrast ratio and viewability in ambient light.  Ngomad’s AR performance is significantly better, in both the visible-spectrum and high-energy wavelength reflectance, than Apple’s latest iPads. Additionally, the Ngomad Enhancer has a neutral color and the AR coating is harder than the 3H underlying PET hardcoat making it very durable.


Media kits with Ngomad Mobile Display Enhancer   samples will be going to technology reviewing publications and bloggers in May. will be up and ready to take orders when the kits go out.  We are super excited about this new venture.  We have the Enhancers on our phones and can’t wait to hear the reviews.

All Ngomad products are made in the USA at General Plasma’s factory.

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It is the world's first production-worthy in-line scalable PECVD technology. Offering high deposition rates, unprecedented uniformity and quality along with long term process stability. 

Linear anode layer type ion sources for pre-treatment, metal etching and a range of other applications. General Plasma is the recognized leader in linear ion source technology.